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Please download our MicroTechnology Product Guide and FTTX System Catalogue.

Dura-Line´s DuraFlat is an array of microducts connected by an oversheath and a tangential partitioned web. Its flat configuration and ease of duct segregation make it ideal for microtrenching burial, and all kinds of FTTx networks. The biggest advantage of working with DuraFlats is high flexibility during installation – horizontal /vertical /folded shape installations are easily feasible.

DuraFlat DB 4 x 14/10mm DuraFlat DB 6 x 8/4mm

DuraFlat is also available in Low-Smoke Halogen-Free version, designed for use inside buildings - Multi Dwelling Units, Enteprise networks and such. Typical distribution can use risers or racks and single MDs lead the fiber to individual users.

In this manner, a single, uninterrupted pathway is created for the fiber cable. The 18/15mm version is large enough to accommodate a pre-connectorized fiber drop with an SC-style connector and nylon pulling-sock, should that be the application requirements.

DuraFlat DI DuraFlat DI 4 x 5/3.5mm

Duct separation is easily performed with nearly any knife and thus very practical and user-friendly in on-site installation.

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