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Bundle of Loose MicroDucts

Please download our MicroTechnology Product Guide and FTTX System Catalogue.

DuraPack is the bundle of loose microducts DuraMicro which are preinstalled in the main duct of HDPE. The main duct itself has smooth inner and outer surfaces with inner layer of permanent sliding material SilicoreTM with a very low coefficient of friction.

DuraPack bundles combine the advantages of HDPE ducts and MicroTechnology: strong, durable mechanical protection of cables and the best performance in terms of cable protection and blowing performance.

Key benefits:

  • Pre-installation in factory allows easy handling also at bends
  • Tension limitation on MD´s
  • Elimination of different bend radiuses of MD´s
  • Unified diameter range allowing use of standard accessories
  • Possibility to combine various MD diameters within one product


DuraPack takes advantage of in-house microduct  preinstallation  processes and utilizes duct space in the highest possible way. You can have preinstalled almost any combination of your microducts with very high filling ratio.
This filling ratio can never be achieved by blowing or pulling installation in the field.

Typical configurations:

50mm + 10x10mm
40mm + 10x7mm
40mm + 7x10mm

DuraPack DuraPack
40/33 + 5 10/8mm 40/33 + 5 10/8mm


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