Dura-Line´s Milestones

1971    Founded in Kentucky to produce plastic pipe for the potable water market
1987    First generation of SILICORE solid lubricants introduced
1993    Figure-8 ducts for aerial installations
1999    DuraMicro microducts introduced at ITU’s Telecom’99 in Geneva
2003    DuraMicro LSHF microducts + DuraMulti system
2005    DuraFlat microduct system introduced to manage installations in occupied ducts
2006    DuraAir – aerial microducts used by Orange to connect houses
2008    DuraTrack – locatable microducts used for the first time in projects in USA
2010    DuraFibre – fibre optics microcables pre-installed into DB microducts
2011    15th production plant in Oman – Dura-Line reached 200,000 tons of annual output
2011    Bore-Flex Industries, USA, acquired
2012    Popypipe Holdings, Inc., USA, acquired